Landje Robot Documentation

The documentation is divided in two parts

Instructor documentation

The instructor documentation consists of two different documents, the preparation guide and the Student Guide Solutions. The Preparation guide documents how to prepare the robot kit and lessons. Yes, i have built this kit for instructional programming lessons. It is not suitable for children to follow the lessons on their own. The Preparation guide is available in English only. The teaching material contains many tasks, answers and solution suggestions are documented in the Student Guide Solutions. The solutions guide are available in both English and Dutch. The links to to individual documents are shown below

Student Guide Solutions ENU

Student Guide Solutions NLD

Student documentation

The student guide is the instruction guide containing the students lesson material. It is accompanied by a Landje Robot Instructionset containing the available instructions and code samples. The student documentation is available in both English and Dutch.

Student Guide ENU
Landje Robot instructionset ENU

Studenten gids NLD
Landje Robot instructieset NLD